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Sheraton Hotel & Resort
Senggigi - Lombok



Senggigi Beach Hotel
Senggigi - Lombok



The Jayakarta Hotel
Lombok - Indonesia



Novotel Coralia Resort
Kuta - South Lombok



Villa Ombak Hotel & Resort
Gili Trawangan - Lombok



Lombok Komodo Tour

A fast moving transportation means is designed to cater the easiness to reach Lombok and the beautiful Gili islands from Bali or vice versa through over sea transportation is now a new trend of mostly travelers who are in a dire need of time efficiently

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Holiday Resort
Mangsit - Lombok



Puri Saron Hotel
Kerandangan - Lombok



Qunci Villa Boutique Resort
Mangsit - Lombok



Puri Mas Boutique Resort
Mangsit - Lombok



Rinjani Trek Organization
Lombok - Indonesia





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Lombok island
is a paradise island of Indonesia lies in the east of Bali or located at central Indonesian territory, devoted its magnificent stunning views which worth beyond imagination to explore its wilderness excellent nature put forth before you is where you will redeem your adventurous spirit of trekking up to Mount Rinjani Mountain into yearning of tranquilities and feeling the balmy weather spilling through the enormous small Gili islands - beaches surrounded the main island of Lombok.


Lombok Gili Fast Boats
A fast moving transportation means is designed to cater the easiness to reach Lombok and the beautiful Gili islands from Bali or vice versa through over sea transportation is now a new trend of mostly travelers who are in a dire need of time efficiently. More perusal please


Lombok Fast Boats With Rinjani Trek Combined Packages

The packages enable us to reach Lombok with return transfer from Bali by fast boats  meanwhile at the same time could do the Rinjani trek with an inclusion of an overnight accommodation at Senaru before and after the trek.  More perusal please    


Rinjani Trek of 4D/3N Advance Package
The 4D/3N package of Trekking Rinjani Adventure is considered more relaxing package compare than other package of conquering Rinjani summit. Let's make your holiday adventure to Rinjani volcano on Lombok island as the more etched memory in your mind and make it as a second honeymoon in your lifetime ever. More perusal please


Gili Islands Daily Snorkeling Trip
The 3 Gili islands lies in the north part of Lombok is perfect place for your holiday destination. It is enchanting with fabulous white sandy beach and the magnificent snorkeling sites is where the life is more peaceful and intertwined with tranquilities and the balmy weather will make you stop thinking at least for a moment about boisterous municipal life and daily activities. More perusal please


Those towering waterfalls are Sindang Gila and Tiu Kelep waterfall. Sindanggila is considered smaller than Tiu Kelep but its peculiarity is that it seems it cut through in the middle of the waterfall by a dike line is only to find that the more you are exploring down the river line off the main waterfall, the more you will encounter many other small waterfalls streaming down the dike line. More perusal please


Kuta Lombok Tour
Kuta Lombok or we often spelt Kute according to Sasakness is the other Kuta of Bali. It is situated on the southern beach of Lombok. The stunning and breathtaking views of Kuta Lombok and surrounding is a virgin beach with its brownish granular white sandy beach is encircled with raised rug hill from the east and westward. More perusal please


Lombok Bamboo Rafting Tour
This is the only rafting site on Lombok and intertwined with biking trip is a very nostalgic way of exploring the beauty nature of Lombok island. More perusal please


Lombok Biking Tour
A splendid sport of serene nature passing through village culture with enchanting views unfolding the horizon is a rare moment that is worth to engage with. More perusal please


Lombok Round Trip 5D/4N
The 5D/4N expedition packages is intended to explore some Lombok frolic resorts - off the beaten track tourism spots - the stunning and magnificent packages - the most engaged trip packages that people reserved mostly. More perusal please


Mount Tambora Trekking Adventure
Sumbawa is a part of the volcanic northern chain of Nusa Tenggara and while the activity took place over the eras, no single explosion seems to have been as dramatic as the Mt. Tambora eruption of 1815. More perusal please


Lombok Komodo Sailing 4D/3N
This is one way package of Lombok - Komodo Dragon Adventure. The amazing adventure package is a program to satisfy your adventurous spirit to witness the rare of prehistoric creature or the other smaller size of Dinosaurs that is still intact on the part of this globe that is on komodo island and its vicinity. More perusal please


Gili Nanggu Tour
The other frolic beach --Nanggu tiny island offers the fantastic and magnificent stretch and marvelous view with white sandy beach is the other virgin beach with its colorful marine life and many kind of fish is the best way to release the strain of this modern life. More perusal please


Lombok Honeymoon Packages
Let pamper your sweet honeymoon on Lombok island with a very romantic atmosphere - dinner with candlelight - massage spa therapy - visit southern Lombok virgin beaches, Kuta, Tanjung Aan and Mawon beach - a sweet snorkeling trip to the 3 Gili Islands on the northern part of Lombok and let make Lombok as your sweet home sweet honeymoon resort. More perusal please


Lombok Hotel & Resort
We provide you with various rooms rates and we would care for the rest. More perusal please


Lombok Diving
Lombok Diving is a focus of divers or non divers to sample the picturesque diving activity undersea around Lombok and the Gilis is a major distraction of the hobbyist around the world. More perusal please


Lombok Surfing
The challenging swell at south coast make our surfing activity on Lombok island as unforgettable experience. Because if Bangko-Bangko ( desert point ) is working, it is one of the greatest God-given left-hand surfing break on our planet. More perusal please


Lombok Social Excursion
Lombok Social Excursion is focused on Jambianom coastal village on the north part of Lombok. It is the main aim is we are not only doing tours but could do social work as an amalgam of human innermost to preserve the demolished coral life undersea bed along Jambianom coastal bay. More perusal please


Lombok Fast Boat Organization Booking Information:
Jl. Raya Senggigi, Km 12, Lombok, NTB, Indonesia
Phone: +62 370 692010, Fax: +62 370 693030, Mobile: +62 81 917 30 9301
E-mail: inforinjanitrek@yahoo.com or edytrekking@gmail.com, Website: http://www.lombokfastboat.org